Let you show the current system time, you may choose from several analog and digital clocks.


Control the system volume: change the volume or mute.



Information about your current network properties

 Status your current network status (disconnected, local only or Internet)
you can also distiguish between IPv4 and IPv6 status
public IP your current public IP (only available when connected to the Internet;
you have to allow Sidebar in your firewall
Wireless status of your wireless connection (SSID, IP, DNS-IP, signal-strength)
Connections further informaton about each network adapter
(e.g. IP, DNS, DHCP, ...)



Information about your current energy supply and settings

Status your current energy supply (AC-power, charging or discharging)
Power plan your current power plan
Remaining remaining runtime while running on battery
Charge-state remaining battery capacity (in percent) as well as remaining and total
capacity (in mWh)
Rate current rate of charing or discharging (in mWh)

If your system doesn't have a battery, you may disable Remaining, Charge-state and Rate in
settings dialog.



Information about your system

Name name of your computer 
OS your operation system (name, edition and service pack)
Processor name of your processor
Architecture processor architecture
Runtime elasped time since last boot up
Usages usages of cpu cores (in %), RAM (in %) and number of runing processes



Current Windows Experience Index rating 



Current temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, clock speeds and S.M.A.R.T. status of your system.


Information about your drives (name, size, free space (in %))



Current size and number of elements in your recycle bin. Empty your recycle bin with just one click.


Graphical usage monitor. Select graphs in setting dialog.
You can also define several, independent charts with different graphs.

cpu core(s) usage in %
RAM usage in %
virtual memory usage in %
pagefile usage in %
network adapters up- / downstream
in bytes or related to current bandwidth in %
drives read- / writerate in bytes


View top5 or all running processes ordered by percent cpu load, name, number of threads,
RAM usage, read / written bytes


Information about connected displays.
If supported by your device, you can also change display brightness. 



Information about installed printers and running print jobs. Click on the name of the printer to open
the printer flyout and manage print jobs.


Information about the security status of your computer.

(Status: green - ok; red - poor; gray - not monitored)



Shutdown, reboot, log off, ... your pc with just one click.