What is System Monitor?

System Monitor is a so-calld "gadget" for Windows Vista™ Sidebar and Windows® 7 Desktop. As the name suggests, it monitors information about your system. System Monitor is designed to show as much information as possible on a minimum space. To improve styling and handling, the new version 3 is based on Microsoft Silverlight 2.

What do I need to use System Monitor 3?

  • Microsoft Windows Vista™ (at least Service Pack 1 recommended) or Windows® 7
  • Microsoft Silverlight 2 (or above) (Download)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • System Monitor 3 gadget (Download)

Can I use System Monitor 3 without Silverlight?

Unfortunately not! System Monitor 3 has been build on Silverlight, so you can't use without. But you can download and install Silverlight for free, just 4MB to download and less than 20 second installation!
If you don't want to install Silverlight, you can also use the older System Monitor 2 gadget, just have a look at download area.

Can I use System Monitor 3 with Silverlight 3?

Yes, Silverlight 2 applications will also work on Silverlight 3.

I've got a problem, what can I do?

Have a look here or post your problem in our forums