2012 Sun 22nd Jan codename Marmot alpha released

Posted by System Monitor

codename Marmot (System Monitor 4) alpha is now available. It is a public release, so everybody can download and test this release, but you'll need to register first. Registration can be done here, you'll receive an email containing further information within 24 hours after registration.

As part of the last alpha release, the settings system has been implemented. Now it's possible to read, write and change settings, settings management has also already been implemented in most plugins. Furthermore, it's now possible to develop own plugins, as the interface won't change anymore in future releases.

Known bugs/problems:

  • the volume plugin might crash on some machines when changing the system mute state
  • the shutdown plugin does not display icons on the buttons
  • the sensor plugin won't work when not running as admin (that's not a bug, a hint is shown in the plugin when not running as admin)
  • the charts and graphs of the usage plugin can't be changed (the settings system has not been implemented yet)
  • the expand mode button of the processes plugin does not have any function

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