How to translate System Monitor into my language?

A language definition consists of 4 files, which can be found here: "%gadgetDir%\Languages\"


LANGUAGE.xml gadget language definitions
LANGUAGEO.xml gadget settings dialog language definitions
LANGUAGE.js additional JavaScript language definitions
LANGUAGEU.xml update tool language definitions

Just copy these 4 files and rename then into your language. The LANGUAGE of all 4 files must be the same and you need all 4 files, otherwise your language will be skipped by parser and won't be displayed in language selector!
The LANGUAGE.xml also contains a Culture setting which is used to format digital clock and date output.


<Setting Name="Culture" Value="de-DE" />

Please note:

  • You should not remove any line of the language files, otherwise gadget won't load or will throw errors when your language is selected.
  • After you've copied and renamed your language files, your language is added in settings dialog automatically.
    It will be displayed as defined in "DisplayName" attribute in LANGUAGE.xml
  • LANGUAGE.xml also needs to have an "Edition" attribute, make sure you've defined the right Edition(s). Multiple editions are separated by semicolon.
    Possible editions: "SM3RTM" = System Monitor 3.0 RTM, "SM3SDCRTM" = System Monitor 3 ShutDownControl-Edition 3.0 RTM
  • Culture-definition uses hyphens, not underscores.
  • Example:

    // right
    <Setting Name="Culture" Value="de-DE" />

    // wrong
    <Setting Name="Culture" Value="de_DE" />

  • If gadget won't load after you selected your language, check all your files, in most cases it's just a missing quotation mark or semicolon.
  • Typical structures:

    // xml files:
    <Setting Name="internal_desxriptor" Value="translated string" />

    // js files:
    var internal_descriptor = "translated string";